Dr. Nicholas Smith
The Hornsmith

Audio Files

These are audio files in MP3 format of performances by Dr. Smith. To download these files, right click on the selection you want to hear, and save the file to a location of your choice on your computer.

Walter Mays - American Rhapsody
American Rhapsody (mp3 format - 24.8 mb)

Dr. Mays' Rhapsody is available directly from him at:
School of Music, Box 53
Wichita State University
1845 N. Fairmount Ave.
Wichita, KS 67260-0053
Cost is $30.00 which includes shipping

Leopold Mozart - Concerto in D Major
I. Allegro (mp3 format - 2.94 mb)

Robert Schumann - Opus 70 for Horn and Piano
Adagio (mp3format - 3.47 mb)
Allegro (mp3 format - 4.82 mb)

John McCabe - Five Folksongs for High Voice, Horn and Piano (Nicholas Smith, Horn, Cheryl Smith, Voice and Laura Kennedy, Piano)
I (mp3format - 2.6 mb)
II (mp3format - 3.0 mb)
III (mp3format - 3.8 mb)
IV (mp3format - 1.9 mb)
V (mp3 format - 2.7 mb)

The Horn used to record the McCabe Songs was a very old three hundred thousand series Conn 28d from approximately 1952. The bell was pretty much gone by the point of this recording so the sound was unfocused by today's standards. However, the piece is not heard very often and deserves more performances. I still enjoy listening to my wife's wonderful voice and decided to put it on the site to share.

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